The Journey Begins…

Well, why not?

That’s what I told myself when the idea came for me to start a blog. I am not a person who lets strangers into my life. I rarely post on social media, hardly ever log into my Facebook, and usually a big smile prevents deeper questioning by acquaintances. But I decided it’s time. It’s a new age in the life of Ashley!

And I should start by introducing myself. My name is Ashley and I’m in my late 20’s and I feel like I’m starting life over. I come from a small town in Ohio, married young and divorced young. Now I have truly met the love of my life (I’ll save all those juicy details for another post) and will be moving across the country to Iowa in just a two short months! It’s hard to leave my amazing family, friends and great job, but I know it is going to be so so worth it. I am an accountant (CPA actually, but I never say that) who hopefully doesn’t have the stereotypical accountant personality (or at least I like to think so!). I love to laugh (it’s a loud one), be spontaneous, drive like a bat out of hell, and I’ve definitely never been a writer. Hopefully for your sake that will change! 🙂

I am a Christian and owe everything to the grace of God and His love for me. That’s how this blog got it’s name. I really am just moving through life at His direction – grazing if you will. His grace and love are how I make it through this rough and tumble world. I will never in a million years be perfect and neither will anyone else. Grace allows us to forgive others and to forgive ourselves. I believe that we are called to love each and every person on earth as Jesus does. Which is impossible because we are human, but it should be our priority and a true effort should be made! My goal is to get closer to Jesus every day and place my trust in Him. That is really the only way (I believe) to become who we are meant to be.

This past year has been a journey through grief, change and finding myself. Now just so you know, I am not one of those people that even says “journey” or throws around metaphors all the time. I would normally roll my eyes at a sentence like that. But after going through some major life changes, I have realized that it is a journey and we are always evolving as people. There are so many things in life that we can’t understand until we experience them ourselves. Some of those experiences are great and others we wish that we didn’t have to go through. Change is hard and doesn’t come easy but it does come whether we like it or not. That may be in the form of people entering or exiting our lives, new jobs, new hobbies (starting a blog), or even new surroundings.

Success comes by embracing the journey, not trying to prevent it from happening. This blog won’t be preachy (and make sure to tell me if I start!) or have a bunch of tips or “life hacks” every week, but I am hoping to share my experiences with you. I’ll be going through lots of things for the first time and I plan on using this blog as an outlet to share that. Hopefully you are encouraged. Hopefully we can connect on various levels and spread that grace and love I talked about before. But it might be really boring. You might think I am one whacked out chick. But I’ll try to make it interesting, just like my life!!

My tentative plan will be to share about all the things I’m going through and learning: new town, new people (some not new so that’s comforting), new house, new job (hopefully), farm life (hubby is a farmer), and adjusting to a relationship that is how it’s supposed to be. If that makes sense to anyone, I’m glad you understand! If not I’ll try to explain it as I go.

Thank you a million times for actually making it this far down the page! I hope this gives a little sense of who I am and what life looks like (or will look like) for me. And heck, I’m not even 100% sure what it will look like yet. We will be finding out together with lots of grace to get us through anything!

Please introduce yourself! I can’t wait to get to know you!

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