Sunday Interview with my Farmer: Planting has Begun!

Patience is a virtue, and oh how virtuous is my farmer! Having a guy that answers all my basic questions about his farming life brings the biggest smile to my face. Everything I ask him must seem so simple but I appreciate that he humors me anyway. I pray a lot for God to give my farmer the strength to deal with me! 🙂

Sundays always seem to be when my farmer and I have time to catch up about what’s going on. There is always such a flurry of activity! I wanted to get a good update of what is going on with the farm and I would like to make farm updates a regular topic on this blog.

Being so far away, I sometimes feel a bit removed and it can be hard for me to fully picture what’s going on (I also blame this on being a visual learner). With this series of updates I’ll be able to mentally organize the info I get for my own benefit, but also yours! I want to share just how important and rewarding farm life can be!

What’s been happening on the farm:

After struggling with winter weather earlier this year (man, Iowa in the winter sounds rough…) they finally got all their corn stalk bales moved out of various fields that seemed to be all over creation. With all the wet weather, they have been pushing really hard to get all the equipment ready to go for disking and planting.

I’ve added a photo gallery if you want to check out some pictures!

Since they were able to get in the fields this weekend, planting has begun! They are praying that the weather cooperates so they can keep on truckin’.

Here’s the plan for the upcoming days:

This week the plan is to go at it 110+%. They will keep on disking and planting while they continue to care for the cattle. My farmer says there are about 4,500 at their feedlot right now. He will feed them early every morning and then head out for fieldwork. They will disk and then plant about 1,000 acres for themselves and then do an additional 1,500 -ish acres of planting as custom jobs.

Last year, they double disked all their fields but this year they plan on changing that up a little bit. All the fields where corn stalks were taken off (baled) will only be disked once. Double disking is done to break up the stalks left on the ground. Having too many stalks left on the field could possibly hinder the seedling when it tries to pop through the dirt crust.

After taking into consideration the weather and their time schedule, it seems that those fields will be okay with one disking. It’s all about finding the balance between doing everything they can to promote a good crop and keeping costs under control for profitability. Every year these decisions are somewhat of a gamble with so many unknowns!

Sunday Summary: I don’t know how they do it!

Most days I am in awe of what my farmer can get accomplished! Farmers really do work so hard and are often under-appreciated. But whatever the weather happens to be or what equipment breaks next, they have faith that God will provide. He brings us all right where we need to be in His timing, not ours. Part of our journey is trusting that and enjoying life along the way. We should make time to stop and smell the roses (or manure). I know I need to be reminded of this all the time!

Thanks for reading! Did you enjoy this farm update? Are there any other topics that you would like to learn about? Please leave a comment and let me know! I’ll be sharing lots more about the farm in future posts! We can learn together 🙂


  1. Farming is one tough business. I went to school in Iowa and lived there for almost 5 years. These are some real quality people willing to extend themselves to help out in any way possible. Hope you discover the same sentiment.

    • Ashley

      Thank you! I’m very excited to get out there! I have discovered that sentiment so far and I hope it continues!

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