Road Trip Ready!

This Saturday I set out for Iowa! My black SUV named Beatrice is all ready to go.  It will be a long drive, but such a good road trip. The 13-ish hour drive is some good me-time and a great way to see this beautiful country. Of course, most of the view is pretty flat when I’m headed west out of Ohio, but it’s still beautiful. I like seeing all the windmills!


I’ve started to pack and gather things that I still have to take – so much, it’s ridiculous. I’m tellin’ ya, I seriously need to become a minimalist!

In April my farmer came out and helped me move out of my apartment. He drove out to Ohio for the first time (he flew here back in November) with an enclosed trailer. By the grace of God, everything I owned (besides clothes and some smaller things) fit into the trailer! Oh-my-lanta it was packed full! After a few days here, he drove back to Iowa to continue work on the farm. The poor guy had to unload all of it though! I still feel bad about that!

When I get out there I plan on getting a lot of stuff put away and organized. I don’t want my stuff/boxes of stuff to be cluttering up his house while I’m not there. My goal is to make his life better and easier, not clog up his personal space! I will feel much more at peace when it’s all put away (might be my OCD tendencies talking too). Then the painting and decorating fun can begin!


I get to see one of my best friends when I’m there! It’s a long story (and long future blog post) but she is how I am connected to Iowa in the first place. We had some mutual “connections” here in Ohio and we became long distance friends. The friendship lasted even though those connections eventually petered out. It turns out that my farmer is a close family member of hers and it’s even sweeter when great friends get to become family!

The main event of the week will be a family wedding. I’ll get to help out and attend (with my hot date) and meet a lot of other future family. Just being around him and getting to go on a normal date will be a nice change. Face Time really is great for the long distance relationship, but nothing beats actual time together! We both agree that we can’t wait for the long distance part of our relationship to end.

Getting to catch up on farm stuff will be a fun part of my visit too. I’ll get to ride with him as he feeds in the morning and hopefully get to ride along for some fieldwork too. They have some rain in the forecast, so the schedule will go day by day. But that’s nothing new! I have to put away my super-planning-OCD-scheduling part of my personality, or at least suppress her as much as I can! (Anyone have any advice for that??) 🙂


Another thing to add to the list is job hunting. What a challenge! I’ve been very blessed and not had to job hunt up to this point in my life. It feels like a giant try-out to see if you are good enough for something you may or may not even enjoy doing. And for someone that always wants to make other people happy, that can be daunting. It’s even harder when I’m leaving a great job behind in Ohio and I have always provided for myself as an adult. My farmer might be stuck with me as a full time farm hand! 🙂


But I’m trying to stay positive about the job thing. I love the quote by CS Lewis, “Courage, dear heart.” God has a plan for me. We might not know the plan in our lifetime, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. My new adventure has a great purpose and I need to have courage. Being with my farmer every day is worth any kind of challenge!

So I’ll be heading out early Saturday for my 900 mile drive. I’ve got some good tunes queued up and beautiful skies to look at along the way. It’s going to be a great 13+ hours!